The Chase For Mountain Torpedos

The Chase for Mountain Torpedos

Nothing gets my blood pumping more than trekking deep in the Pennsylvania mountains chasing wild brook trout. There is something exhilarating and breathtaking when visiting a crystal clear mountain spring with one goal in mind.....fooling a native fish in its natural habitat.


Over the last few weekends, I have devoted my time to chasing wild brook trout in a variety of different locations. I spend each week preparing by tying bright-colored nymphs, small streamers, and various dry flies as well as putting together new leaders to work all depths of water.  

Driving through the tree canopy never gets old as the wind blows the leaves and air is as pure as can be. I know when I get to the stream, stealth and quietness are the two key factors necessary for fooling these elusive wild brook trout. No matter the situation, I always have a variety of flies ready to go on my O’Pros hat patch and my Dragonfly rod holder is perfect for changing flies when necessary.

While the tug is minute, the thrill is endless when pulling in a beautiful wild brook trout on a fly that you tied yourself. 



I’m thankful for the ability to explore new places, I’m thankful for good health, and I’m thankful for the art of fly fishing because this sport has allowed me to expand my fishing ability and test myself in areas I didn’t even know were possible. 

Chasing wild brookies is my all time favorite activity that is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle.



By: Grant Michaels
Instagram Handle: @gemichaels